Nahila Hernandez

Nahila Hernandez

Certified Life Coach and Health and fitness coach here to help you break through insecurities and live a healthier life.
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About Me

I am passionate about human behavior and helping others reach success and happiness. After having studied and lived so many powerful experiences, I feel the responsibility and vocation to guide others in their personal achievements and facing the complex challenges of life. Through my unique life background, I have designed a personal system to teach and support others to discover and develop themselves: from creating pure and authentic motivation to coming up with complex business models and processes. You are the center and I am here to guide you. 

My story: I was born in Azerbaijan (USSR), my parents are both Cuban. I grew up in the hardest stage of the Cuban communist revolution, in Cuba. I studied in a boarding school from a very young age (8): First to train, with a military rigor, as a Synchronized Swimming athlete, and then in a school where we studied and did farming work, based on José Martí's learning about the importance of both, for childhood education.

With the fall of communism (1989), in Cuba, and my dream of studying abroad as my parents had done, I decided to leave the island. This is how I migrated alone at 18, from Cuba to Mexico. There I studied, worked and lived on the economic and emotional limits for many years, exposed to complex situations as I faced what was my new reality. Regardless of the circumstances, I focused on building my life. There were moments of defeat and failure, but also moments of great achievement and success. As it goes with life, yet I was always on the path of self-realization, happiness and systemic balance.

In 2012, faced with insecurity in Mexico, I decided that I should get my daughters out of there, I chose to live in Chile and so we moved there. I have started a business, helped others, held managerial positions in a multinational company: I have been employed, independent, enterprising and a business partner.

As un ultrarunner (starting at 34 age), I have run more than 15,000 kilometers in extreme conditions around the world, carrying a backpack with only the basics to survive. I have crossed deserts, glaciers, mountains, and jungles. I have been exposed to frostbite and heatstroke, sharing a tent with everyone from all walks of life including CEOs, professional athletes, war veterans, unemployed travelers, etc ... My path has been full of adventure, failure, risk and satisfaction.

Certifications & Education:

  • MBA
  • Certified in Coaching
  • NLP and Team Leadership
  • Masters in Coaching


  • Emotional Management and Mindfulness (in progress 90%)
  • Marketing and Logistic Specialist 
  • Life and Sports Coach
  • Business
  • Soft Skills
  • Life
  • Sport/ Health/ Nutrition
  • Resilience
  • Fear Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Self Esteem
  • Focus on results
  • Effective Communication
  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership
  • Risk and Time Management
  • Sports Activation

Additional Coaching Areas of Focus:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition and Sport Coach
  • More than 20 years of professional practice and life experiences at your service to achieve your goals and get effective results over time.

Previous Experience:

  • Author of “Beyond the Distance”
  • Guinness Record
  • Well-known Speaker and Consultant (more than 200 interventions in 9 countries)
  • Recognized Extreme Athlete of long distance races (Ultramarathon)
  • Master in Coaching, Emotional Balance and Mindfulness
  • Certified Coach, NLP and Team Leadership
  • Systemic Thinking 
  • Business Consultant
  • Training and Nutrition Coach
  • Marketing and Logistic Specialist
  • Bilingual (English, native Spanish)


Mi meta es guiarte en desarrollar nuevas capacidades y habilidades prácticas e impactar positivamente tus resultados de vida en todos los ámbitos:

  • Coach de Vida
  • Coach de Negocios
  • Coach de Estilo de Vida
  • Mindfulness
  • Coach Nutrición y Deportiva
  • Más de 20 años de práctica profesional y experiencias de vida a tu servicio, para lograr tus objetivos con efectividad permanente en el tiempo.
  • Master en Coaching, Balance Emocional y MIndfulness
  • Coach certificada en PNL y Liderazgo de Equipos
  • Bussiness Consultant
  • Trainning and Nutrition Coach
  • Speaker
  • MBA
  • Marketing and Logistic Specialist
  • Bilingue (Inglés, Español nativo)

Experiencia Previa:

  • Autora de “Después de la Distancia”
  • Reconocida Atleta Extrema de carreras de largas distancias (Ultramaraton)
  • Récord Guinness
  • Conocida Conferencista y Asesora (mas de 200 intervenciones en 9 países)



Nahila has had a fascinating life and tons of life experience. Her expertise is endless and truly knows what she’s talking about.
29 April 2020
Highly recommend Nahila. She has a great out look on life and I am eager to channel some of her energy into my own way of life and thinking.
18 April 2020
Nahila was a great coach. I very much enjoyed our session and the fact that she spoke Spanish was even better for me as it is my native language.
10 April 2020